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    More convenient than an ATM!

    • Choose shop location
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    To use LoCoins you’ll need to register. Only email and password are required. User account allows us to:

    • Limit trading according to local regulations
    • Offer Advance Send™ where you can send us coins from your couch
    • Offer Coinzervation™ where you can reserve coins for a period of time*

    * Offered at select Shops.

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    • Fast & Safe

      Time is money. When you need coins fast, LoCoins is your best option. You receive and send bitcoins directly to/from your wallet. No middle-man. No coupons.


      We use strict measures and verification when choosing our trusted retailers. They are there to help you whether this is your first bitcoin experience, or you are an old-school bitcoiner.


      LoCoins is simpler to use than crypto ATM and less stressfull than P2P methods.


      LoCoins is adding more shops on existing and new markets fast. We’re also adding new features and sometimes coins!


      Would you like to know when LoCoins will be available in your neighbourhood? Are you interested in becoming one of our shops? Would you like to send us some Unicorn tokens? Don’t be shy, get in touch!